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Afghanistan: Women, Peace & Security

Countering Gender Apartheid & Gender Persecution in Afghanistan

Since the Taliban’s seizure of power in 2021, women and girls in Afghanistan have been subject to ever more repressive limits on their rights and freedoms with more than 100 edicts specifically targeting their right to move freely, assemble publicly, access healthcare, education, or work, play sports, visit parks and salons. The situation that Afghan women and girls are facing is a serious women’s rights emergency that holds potentially dangerous precedent for the region, and indeed for women’s rights globally. Observers, activists, and legal scholars agree that the current regime in the country amounts to systematic gender persecution and gender apartheid. So our global advocacy initiative for 2024 poses an urgent call for coordinated global action on this women’s rights crisis, to bring key stakeholders around a unified movement for the codification of gender apartheid as a crime against humanity within international legal frameworks. Read our Concept.

Call for Coordinated Global Action for Accountability

UN 68th Commission on the Status of Women Official Side Event


Crimes Against Humanity in Afghanistan with a Gender Lens:

Strengthening Global Coordination


12th March 2024,  10:00-11:15 a.m EST


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