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A delegation of 45 women’s peace activists from the Women’s Regional Network and Equality for Peace and Democracy met with the Helmand Peace Marchers to express our solidarity with their peace-building initiative.

The Peace Marchers walked from Helmand to Kabul - a stun...

 Community Conversations in Kochcha IDP Camp, Takhar province, Afghanistan. 

In January 2018, WRN conducted field research in Takhar province, Afghanistan for WRN’s Community Conversations - a research technique used by the WRN to conduct real and honest conversati...

After the creation of Afghanistan's National Unity Government (NUG), ensuring women’s participation in good governance, peacebuilding, security and countering terrorism was a priority of the AUG and its strategic partners. After a decade and a half we don’t see full an...

December 6, 2017

Despite the government commitments for women’s political participation, we observe that the realization of these commitments is facing severe obstacles. This results in weakening of women’s inclusion in leadership and decision making in the government. 

We express our d...

Shahla Farid is a professor at Kabul University's Faculty of Law and Political Science, member of High Peace Council (HPC) in Kabul, practicing lawyer, and a women’s rights advocate. Previously she worked for the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) as head of the legal depart...