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Nalini Ratnarajah is a human rights activist and a feminist, who has dedicated decades of her life, advocating for gender equality, justice, and peace. She is an ethnic and religious minority woman with a deep commitment and involvement on issues of women empowerment,...

In Quetta, Pakistan, young Hazara women are exhibiting unprecedented strength and resilience in the face of violent extremism. Jalila Haider is one of the courageous women who has emerged as a leader within her tribal, patriarchal society. She has demonstrated that whe...

May 22, 2018

Last week, WRN attended its first digital human rights conference - RightsCon. Over 2000 techies, coders, hackers-for-good, human rights defenders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from 115 countries gathered in Toronto to answer the question, “how can we harness tec...

Nimalka Fernando is an attorney and eminent women’s rights activist from Sri Lanka. She is a Co-convener of Platform for Freedom and a member of the National Movement for a New Constitution in Sri Lanka - each a coalition of NGOs, trade unions and people’s movements in...

Founding meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2011.  

In August 2011, Patricia Cooper sent me an email asking if she could chat with me about a women’s peace network. Having been part of early Track Two initiatives in the 1990s, I was immediately intrigued and Pat did no...


A Kashmir-born Pakistani woman, Ms. Farhat Asif is the founder of Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, a leading research think-tank in Pakistan.  She is also the Co-founder of Pakistan’s first multilingual monthly Magazine, The...

March 14, 2018

A group of young Mehsud men from FATA started a peaceful march towards the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad on 1st February 2018, which later transformed into Pashtun Long March.