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WRN is a network of women working within and beyond borders to ensure the enshrinement and protection of human rights; sustainable development and women’s full participation in equitable growth to ensure a more peaceful and just world.

The WRN is committed to a collaborative network working to strengthen the security of women and to enhance women’s leadership to take action in preventing conflict, developing solutions to eradicate corruption and work collectively towards building peace across South Asia.

The WRN's mandate is regional. Thus, our work in 2018 is focused on a regional conference on forcible displacement as well as associated advocacy and communications. Part of this work will include continuing to conduct Community Conversations documenting women’s voices. In Pakistan, the group is dedicated to strengthening ties and advocacy with policymakers and Parliamentarians and continuing our online Women, Peace and Security courses for the mentorship of young women. Research on women’s role in peacebuilding is also proposed.

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