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100 Sign Letter in Support of Afghan Women

100-Reduced-Sign Letter in Support of Af
Download • 872KB

Breaking the silence of world leaders, Ambassador Melanne Verveer and Secretary

Madeleine Albright led an intensive coordination effort to secure the signatures of about one hundred world leaders to support the arduous effort of Afghan women to be represented and heard in the ongoing peace process.

The past two weeks Women's Regional Network (WRN) and key US activists lobbied about

the lack of coordination among the donor countries and human rights advocates pushing

leaders to acknowledge the lack of coordinated efforts in order to promote and protect

Afghan women during the Intra-Afghan Talks.

What's the next step?

Now we need the donor countries to draw the redlines that these talks must not cross to

ensure Afghan women lead their lives to their fullest potential and that their rights are fully

enshrined in the Afghan Constitution.

This powerful letter demonstrates why we need more women in positions of influence. Read

the signatories in the attached PDF. BRAVO!!!

Download full post here:

100-Reduced-Sign Letter in Support of Af
Download • 872KB


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