A delegation of 45 women’s peace activists from the Women’s Regional Network and Equality for Peace and Democracy met with the Helmand Peace Marchers to express our solidarity with their peace-building initiative. The Peace Marchers walked from Helmand to Kabul - a stunning 700km - asking that the government and the Taliban for an immediate ceasefire and to re-start peace talks. They are now carrying out a three-days sit in protest outside of UNAMA compound. We have walked with them in solidarity every step in our journey to build peace in Afghanistan. We share their tired faces, sore feet, torn clothing and shoes. Afghans are united in our need for peace. Only together, united in our quest

Harassment of Women, Hidden Violence in Afghanistan

Sexual harassment of women in Afghanistan has been, and remains, a hidden challenge. Traditional patriarchal of Afghan communities and institutionalization of harassment has forced women to silently tolerate harassment. Afghan women routinely suffer dispossession of individual liberties, violations of rights, abuse and rape. Reporting their experiences in a formal manner is considered a disgrace, and when they do they are rarely taken seriously by authorities. Society calls into question the dignity and honor of Afghan women who are brave enough to cast light on the harassment they suffer and petition for justice. All too often, blame is put on the women being harassed as the instigator of t

Young Hazara Woman Leads Hunger Strike for Justice

In Quetta, Pakistan, young Hazara women are exhibiting unprecedented strength and resilience in the face of violent extremism. Jalila Haider is one of the courageous women who has emerged as a leader within her tribal, patriarchal society. She has demonstrated that when women take the lead, we move closer to making peace a reality. Hazaras are an ethnic minority population in Pakistan inhabiting the once serene Quetta valley in the province Balochistan. Of 2.3 million people living in the provincial capital of Balochistan, Quetta, an estimated 700,000 are Hazaras. Despite their relatively small population in Pakistan, Hazaras have made significant contributions to their homeland including sp



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