The Trials of Women in Displacement

PICTURED ABOVE: Internally displaced women from Kunduz living in Khaskapa Camp sharing their stories of displacement and ongoing struggles for security, safety, and resources. Displacement is not a gender-neutral experience. The recognition that women, adolescent girls and children make up the majority of the world’s refugees and IDPs has resulted in lofty rhetoric about women IDPs, reiteration of the importance of women’s inclusion and participation in decision making that directly affect them and their families across the displacement cycle. Concern for violation of women's human rights is articulated in numerous international treaties and successive normative frameworks. Decades of femini

Rebuilding Peace in Sri Lanka with Nalini Ratnarajah

Nalini Ratnarajah is a human rights activist and a feminist, who has dedicated decades of her life, advocating for gender equality, justice, and peace. She is an ethnic and religious minority woman with a deep commitment and involvement on issues of women empowerment, minority rights, social development, peace building, and post war recovery. She is the Executive Director of Women’s Development Innovators, steering committee member of the People's SAARC, and core committee member of both South Asian Alliance for the Poverty Eradication (SAAPE) and of South Asian Feminist Alliance (SAFA). In this interview, Nalini talks about advancements in peace- building and women's equality, as well as re


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