Admiral Ramdas’s Message in solidarity with the anti-nuclear movement

It might appear strange to many as to why I, a former Naval officer, who headed the Indian Navy, should be a very vocal anti-nuclear campaigner ever since our nuclear tests were conducted in May 1998. This was least expected, as we had already proven to the whole world, our technical competence in the nuclear field, in 1974 when we carried out our “Peaceful Nuclear Experiment” – or PNE. The nuclear test conducted at Pokhran, Rajasthan, on May 11 1998 was like a public announcement of our nuclear weaponization programme. Pakistan, followed suit a few weeks thereafter, namely, on May 28 1998, when they carried out their tests in the Chhagai mountains. There was considerable hype generated in

Lalita Ramdas writes a message in solidarity with WRN and the people from the movement in Chutka.

How I wish I could have been with you in person at this significant event – the launch of the report on Resistance to the proposed NPP at Chutka in MP. My congratulations to the WRN on this initiative. After a careful reading of both the Report and the Executive Summary – I would like to share some observations and make some suggestions going forward. It is significant that WRN uses the methodology of Community Conversations [CC], and interprets “conflict” to include struggles against predatory development and subsequent displacements. The 2018 Indian CC documents people’s resistance against a proposed Nuclear Power Plant in Chutka, Madhya Pradesh as a part of a continued struggle. My own wo


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