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Reflections in the Mirror

By Mangla Sharma

Mangla Sharma , WRN core member from Pakistan  shares few reflections  on over all state of women's rights in South Asia. To read her thoughts click here 

No Place Called Home

By: Padmini Ghosh WRN India Coordinator

Read more from the WRN India Coordinator Padmini Ghosh on the Rohingya crisis in South Asia here.

Canada’s International Assistance Policy, National Action Plan and its positive impact on women peace and security

WRN spoke with Beth Woroniuk, co-founder and coordinator of Women Peace and Security Network-Canada (WPSN-Canada) with over 25 years of experience. We were excited to speak with her about Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy, upcoming WPS National Action Plan and its positive impact on women peace and security. Read more here

Being a Part of The Women’s Regional Network

An article on tolerance and sisterhood by Sadia Bibi one of the newest young women leaders and WRN members currently working with Insan Foundation Trust in Islamabad. Read more of her experience here

Kabul’s Bloody Ramadan and Our Friendly Weekend Iftars

An article reflecting resilience, challenges, struggles and hopes in Afghanistan by Palwasha Hassan, the Executive Director of AWEC in Afghanistan, WRN member and longtime Peace Activist. Read more here

The Duality of Women's Roles in Conflict

WRN intern and undergraduate student at the University of Denver, Ingrid von Kleydorff, discusses the many possibilities for women's roles in times of conflict in light of India's recent advances towards including women in such efforts. Read more on why women should be included here

Cultural and Tribal Barriers in Balochistan

Huma Fouladi, WRN member and peace activist, writes on the many forms of barriers that still face women across the world today. Read her perspective here

The Meaning of Military Interactions for Females

WRN's most recent interview was held with Kyleanne Hunter, a former United States Marine officer, AH-1W pilot and liaison officer to the House of Representatives. She discussed with us the many experiences she had in combat while also being a woman and how she fought stereotypes. Kyleanne also gives us insight into the future implications for women in hard security. Read more here

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