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The Women’s Regional Network, in partnership with Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, provides emergency support for the safety and protection of women human rights defenders at risk in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Behind women-lead movements are the activists who need support and protection to continue creating cultures of justice, equality, and peace. Click here to learn more about the Protection Fund.


If you are a women human rights defender, click here to to apply for life-saving support.

Your donation could save a life.

Support the women who stand up not only for their rights, but the rights for all. 

“(WHRDs are) courageous women who defy patriarchy every day, everywhere in the world, to champion human rights. They hold communities together in times of war — and hold the key to building peaceful communities when the guns go silent. In so many male-‐dominated institutions, they campaign for women’s voices to be heard.”       

-Hina Jilani Former UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Human Rights Defenders; Supreme Court of Pakistan


WRN hopes to launch a South Asia Tribunal on Women’s Human Rights in solidarity with civil society groups across the sub-region in order to:

  • Create a legitimate community-led public platform to amplify women’s testimony across caste, class, religion, ethnicity and national borders.

  • Demand accountability from the state, end human rights violations committed with impunity, and seek justice for women.

Launching a Tribunal is no small feat. The first step of this on-going process was preparing the Scoping Study, authored by WRN Member and human rights defender Rita Manchanda. Click below to read the full report to learn more about the impact of speaking truth to power. 



Abdul Wazeed (Zia) Moballegh

Country Director, Heinrich Boll Stiftung

Judge Homa Alizoy

Head Judge Juvenile Court of Afghanistan and Women’s Rights Activist

Najiba Ayubi

Director, Killid Group; Co-Founder the Afghan Independent Media Consortium

Nargis Nehan

Policy Coordinator, Office of the President of Afghanistan

Palwasha Hassan

Research Consultant and founding member of The Afghan Women’s Network

Raz Muhhumad Dalili

Founder, Sanayee Development Organization

Sima Samar

MD Chairperson, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

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Bushra Gohar

Former Member of Parliament, Pakistan, Central Member, Awami National Party

Hina Jilani

Former United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General on Human Rights Defenders; Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan

I. A. Rehman

Secretary-General, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Anis Haroon

Former Chairperson, National Commission on the Status of Women

Kishwar Sultana

Director, Insan Foundation Trust, Member, Provincial CEDAW Committee

Rukhshanda Naz

Former Head, UN Women Pakistan (KP-FATA); Executive Director, Legal Aid, Awareness Services (LAAS)

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Abha Bhaiya

Founder, Jagori Rural, Global Coordinator- India, One Billion Rising

Dr. Syeda Hameed

Former Member, Planning Commission of India, Renowned Author

Geeta Ramaseshan

Senior feminist advocate, former Coordinator, High Court Mediation Centre

Rita Manchanda

Research Director, South Asia Forum for Human Rights

Saumya Uma

Assistant Professor & Assistant Director - Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP), National Law School of India, Bangalore

Vrinda Grover

National Advocate, International Commission of Jurists, Founder, Working Group on Human Rights in India and the UN

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Corinne Kumar

Secretary General, El Taller International; International Coordinator, Courts of Women; Founding Member, Asian Women’s Human Rights Council

Hauwa Ibrahim

Lawyer and author of Practicing Shariah Law: Seven Strategies for Achieving Justice in Shariah Courts

Mary Jane Real

Founding member and former Coordinator of the International Coalition on Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD IC) & Regional Coordinator of Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)

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