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Amplify the voices of unheard, marginalized women, and together address the interlinked issues of peace and security, justice and governance and growing militarization in South Asia.

To this end, WRN connects women peace advocates, committed to working collectively within and across national borders in an open, respectful, learning environment.  WRN presents an effective flexible platform for collaborating on research and analysis, joint advocacy and representation, and the implementation of well-designed initiatives. WRN develops and delivers specific advocacy campaigns to ensure that grassroots women’s concerns and their voices directly shape political discourse, policy development and program implementation.

Community Conversations, Mir Ali North Waziristan, Pakistan
Community Conversations Assam, India
Afghanistan Group Meeting
  •   Commit to working as part of a regional and global movement that builds our collective voice, power and influence.

  •   Promote and sustain leadership that is participatory and inclusive.

  •   Support appropriate strategies to ensure each participant’s personal security is safeguarded.

  •   Ensure transparency, accountability and responsible use of our financial resources.

  •   Strive for excellence, while being creative, bold and courageous.



Activities and growth from 2010 to today.


Listening tour to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, with large and small groups of women from civil society organizations. Women unanimously agree a network would add value to their work; agree to focus on corruption and extremisms as they impact women's security.

Launch of Network in Nepal with 4 representatives from each country, plus international delegates. Network members add "militarization of aid and development" to their mission. Agree to document the experiences of women in remote and conflicted regions of each country.

Governing structure established with a Steering Committee from the region.
  • Completed Community Conversations in all three countries.

  • Convened a Regional Consultation meeting for 75 stakeholders at the International Center in Delhi, India.

  • Released India Community Conversations Report. 

  • Released Community Conversation Reports:
    • Pakistan Report in Quetta
    • Afghanistan Report in Kabul
    • Regional Overview, U.S Institute of Peace, Washington D.C
  • Conducted a 4-day Advocacy Tour in Washington D.C
  • Steering Committee agreed to study a South Asia Women's Human Rights Tribunal.
  • Held 1st Tribunal Preparatory Mtg. in Nepal. Agreed to focus on Women IDP's fleeing conflict. 
  • Established the S.A Women's Emergency Fund for WHRDs.
Invited to attend, speak, present papers and or/workshops at:
  • U.S Naval War College in Rhode Island, USA
  • WILPF's Women's Power to Stop War Conference, The Hague, Holland
  • Defying Extremism Regional Dialogue in Sarajevo, Balkands
  • Asia Pacific Regional Consultation on UNSCR 1325, Nepal
Registered WRN in the Hague and established a new governing structure.
  • Held 2nd Tribunal Preparatory Meeting in Sri Lanka.
  • Released Tribunal Scoping Study Report, Community Conversations Reports and Regional Overview.
  • Presented workshop at the AWID conference in Salvador, Brazil.
  • Launched WRN Tribunal Scoping Study Report at USIP in September.
  • Community Conversations Launch tour in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. 

  • Launched Women, Peace and Security Online Course.

  • Conducted organizational consulting with a group of activists and peace-builders in the Americas.

  • Invited to attend, speak, present, and/or consult at:

    • UN General Assembly Preparatory Process for the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

    • The Carter Center, Atlanta, USA

    • Halifax International Security Forum

    • Renewed Canadian National Action plan on 1325

  • Re-established Country Coordinators staff in offices across the region.

  • Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021.

  • Fundraising Campaign-Women Globally Working to Protect Afghan Women, Contributions to Women’s Regional Network provided shelter, security and evacuation of Afghan women human rights defenders, supported over 450 families.

  • Afghan/Canada Symposium highlighting the needs of Afghan women both inside and outside of Afghanistan, and presented the Government of Canada with a series of calls to action.

  • Series of online engagement through webinars and talks.

  • Refugee Day celebration in Toronto, Canada.

  • Launch of Canada’s Feminist Forum for Afghanistan (CFFA). 

  • 4th Women, Peace and Security Online Course 2023.

  • Several Afghan related advocacy and meetings in US and Europe

  • Launch of 2023 Community Conversations Report in UK

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