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Afghan/Canadian Women's Symposium:

Building a Better Future Together


​L-R Sen. Marilou McPhedran, Patricia Cooper, Founder/Convener WRN, MP Iqra Khalid​


Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, the country has been plunged into spiraling humanitarian and human rights crises, with women, girls and other vulnerable minorities bearing the brunt of the deteriorating situation. The ever-increasing repression of women’s basic rights and freedoms includes exclusion from public space and political participation, and a near total loss of access to jobs, education, and free movement. Afghan women in Canada, and in consultation with women across the globe, have come together to develop these Calls to Action as a roadmap for the Government of Canada and its allies. They highlight the most pressing needs and priorities of Afghan women both inside and outside of Afghanistan,and identify policy responses which Canada can pursue to ensure their Afghanistan response aligns with their Feminist Foreign Policy and Feminist International Assistance Policy.


This symposium will convene global experts to analyze and bring light to the reality on the ground for women in Afghanistan, highlighting the needs of Afghan women both inside and outside of Afghanistan, and presenting the Government of Canada with a series of calls to action.





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